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Garage Conversion Heswall December 2014

6th January 2015

This was a great project to undertake which was in Heswall, Wirral.  Our client, Brenda, wanted us to convert her garage into a bedroom with with en-suite facilities so that she could remain at home rather than going into care.   There is no better way to make use of a garage that is getting no use.

The project included access to the loft space so that some form of storage is maintained.

We carried out and managed the entire project including fitting the en-suite faciites and providing the bathroom furniture.  Our client wanted us to take care of it all which is what we did.  Here are some photos of the work in progress and the final result.

Just after we started - most garages look like this


After emptying the garage of its contents we then start with the suspended floor.

We are very thorough at Tidysite - here you can see remedial work to the existing structure to ensure that the finish is of a high specification.
Patching up existing brickwork

Its always nice when the window is in


Starting to look like a proper room already

en-suite furniture installed and plumbed
Shower In


Door to en-suite and loft hatch all complete


Look at the difference the conversion as made to the front of this property.


As always our client is delighted with the work and service we provided.  She is also delighted that she can now remain at home where she is happy.

For those of you that would like more detail in the work we carried out here is the itemised list.

The Works

To introduced therma-line boarding to all external walls and ceiling areas within existing areas.

2. To introduce rock wool insulation to roof void.

3. To form access hatch within new ceiling area located front part of the proposed room.

5. To introduce 9.5mm plasterboards to all internal walls and apply minimum thickness coat 6mm smooth finish plaster.

6. To apply minimum thickness coat 6mm smooth finish plaster to all new works.

7. To include in all new plasterwork, skim bead finishes around all window door junctions.

8. To allow for 3 No. double wall socket and 1 No. light fitting pendant on flex to be installed.

9. To introduce 1 No. DIMPLEX heater electric, code 3071.

10. To re-locate existing consumer unit to walling within hallway.

11. To allow for skirting to be introduced following major works.

12. To remove existing garage doors and dispose from site and prepare opening to receive new introduction of UPVC window double glazed in three panels,, with opening transoms either side approx. and one centre opening at higher level. Width of opening 300mm per side.

13. To introduce floating suspended timber flooring to all area within room to a height of approx. 400mm form existing floor levels.

14. To form opening entrance door within hallway into proposed room allowing structure works and new door casing to be installed.

15. To remove all brickwork above garage door and leave to one side for re-use. Construct new walling allowing integration within existing building.

16. To carry out roof repairs to existing roof covering as required to include introducing new bell cast drip between junction of gable end spar dash finish and main roof over garage.

17. To form separate room within garage as en-suite allowing for boxing in of existing flue liner feeding cooker hood in kitchen.

18. To introduce electric shower and tray including wash hand basin and toilet/cistern within this proposed room.

19. To tile wall only sited around shower cubicle.

20. To ensure lighting and pull cord switch installed within en-suite.

21. To remove all decompose mortar joint between existing brick face at external corner junctions of garage and re-point accordingly.

22. To leave site clean and tidy on completion.

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