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Garage Conversion in Widnes

10th December 2014

In August this year we were employed by John Mason, in Widnes, to convert his garage.  The garage was part of his house and he wanted to convert the space to be used as another living area. This is quite common these days and we complete many jobs like these each year.  From the pictiures below you can see what the house looked like to start, with the garage still intact.  


House with Garage still in place

After discussing the plans with John and agreeing a quote for the work we soon began the conversion.  We started by removing the garage door and its mechanics. We then built a brick wall, to match the existing facia.  A plinth was added to support the new window to the front.

The structure to house the main front window

The internals were re-fitted with new flooring, electrics, doors and skirting etc.


Tidy Site Employee hard at work fitting new doors
The window frame is fitted

After structural work is completed we then replastered the new room taking great care to leave a high quality finish.


Plaster work is nearly dry

The new front of the house is looking great after the window frame is fitted.  At this stage you really get a sense of the asthetic change to the front of the house.  As well as adding more space, the new window looks great on the front.

Window Frame is Fitted

Finally hre is the full front of the house with the frame fitted. Only the glazing was left to fit and the internal decoration.

Nearly done now

Our client, John Mason was extremely happy with the finished garage conversion.  To be honest we were too.  Everything went just as we had planned and we are really pleased with the final product.  Its another job completed and another one we are proud of.

If you are looking for a quote to have your garage converted, or just want to have an informal chat about whats involved or how long it takes please do not hesitate to get in touch.

UPDATE (December 2014) Johyn has sent us this fantastic pic of what the new room look slike now that he is living in it. A lovely new bright room.

Fully converted Garage

Call us on 0151 792 8609

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We have used this company on a number of occasions to carry out various works to our home, a smashing company absolutely spotless in all their work, and a pleasure to have in your home.
Tidysite definitely does leave a tidysite at the end of every working day.
The quality and standard of workmanship is excellent.
We would certainly recommend them to everyone.
Mr Chris Mc Manara, 11th December 2014 at 16:02

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