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Wirral Global Awards 2014

10th December 2014

Tidysite Building and Construction Service are proud to sponsor many charities such as Wirral Globe Awards, Youth heroes awards, Claire house children's hospital. Alder Hey hospital children's hospital and many more.

When it comes to awards, we at Tidysite have always sponsored the category for Courage and Bravery and this year at the Wirral globe golden awards which was held at the Floral Pavilion New Brighton Wirral, we were again proud to award not one but two contestants for their courage and bravery shown in their own story.

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It is always a pleasure and an honour to serve these youngsters the awards they deserve when you hear their stories.
Far too often the youths of today are painted a bad press, this is certainly not the case, in fact it is the small minority that give the high majority the bad press. 
We feel humble and proud to be main sponsors for many of these organisations who deeply also need your help too.

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Thank you all at Tidysite for your continued support and generosity you have shown to us over many years. T. Daly (under elevens football team).
Trevor Daly, 11th December 2014 at 23:05

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