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We now install CCTV throughout the Wirral, Liverpool & surrounds

31st March 2016

If you’re thinking about cost effective solutions for high end security, our advanced products will guarantee you piece of mind and help you avoid the expense of being a victim to burglary by protecting the whole property.

We offer a range of CCTV cameras with a variety of quality and performance options. Whether it be for your home, office, warehouse or multi-site operations, you can be on guard 24 hours a day with the right equipment to target your needs. 

CCTV now plays an immense role in identification and prosecution. However, having a visible deterrent to intruders on site, has proven to be successful in preventing crime all together. With the latest technology and mobile phone integration, you can now view the recordings on any smartphone as an added benefit to relief any concerns.

If you also wish to protect the properties interior, we have first-rate, rapid response alarm systems designed to suit any type of commercial or domestic premises. Once installed, all areas will be covered by six or more main zones. The system is extremely simple to use as the alarm activation and deactivation can be managed through one of the two fob keys provided. If there are any signs of an intruder, you will be notified instantly via mobile phone.

Our systems are installed quickly, discreetly and with a minimum of disruption. We offer low cost installation, repair and maintenance services to all our customers whilst strictly following health and safety procedures. We believe effective planning and putting the right protective measures in place makes each job a success and offers great customer satisfaction. 

Quality is guaranteed at the best value for money. Contact us now to discuss your requirements, we offer friendly help and are happy to arrange a free no obligation quote. We at Tidysite take pride at our jobs and committed to first class service!
Please call us to discuss your requirements, were we can show case our products at you home with a free no obligation cost to install your CCTV options and full burglar alarms systems.

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